saraTransmitting Trio A (1966) with Sara Wookey
Project curated and presented by FADO Performance Art Centre



Open rehearsals | Performances | Discursive events

With: Robert Abubo, Martin Bélanger, Shannon Cochrane, Aleesa Cohene, Margaret Dragu, Francesco Gagliardi, Ame Henderson, Andrea Nann, Jon McCurley, Mikiki, Simon Rabyniuk

Over the course of a 5-day intensive workshop led by Sara Wookey – one of the few dancers authorized by Yvonne Rainer to “transmit” (to use Rainer’s own phrase) her works – a mixed group of dance and performance artists will learn several of Rainer’s dance works, focusing primarily on Trio A (1966)

Consisting of a 4½ minute sequence of movements that progress without repetition, phrasing, or emphasis and performed without musical accompaniment, Trio A (1966) is largely considered to be one of the originative works of the postmodern dance movement, as well one of the most influential works in the canon of 20th century dance.

Rainer’s interest in task-based movement, the ephemeral, the un-spectacular, and rethinking the performer-audience relationship are characteristic concerns of both contemporary dance artists and performance artists.

The starting point for this project is the shared conversation between dance and performance artists around the distinctions between repertoire and reenactment, in particular consideration of how these modes of archiving in live art relate to the increasing interest in presenting performance art and choreography in the museum.

The results of the project are a series of presentations of Trio A (and other works in the Rainer repertoire) in a variety of contexts: a dance studio, a gallery, and a museum; as an open rehearsal, a single iteration, and a rotating relay. In addition, Sara Wookey will be giving a lecture demonstration about Trio A, there are a series of discursive events being presented by Gallery TPW, and the AGO is hosting an artist talk by Yvonne Rainer.More…


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8 DAYS is an intensive encounter open to Canadian contemporary choreographers. The gathering values curiosity, questioning and reflection on how we work in order to deepen choreographic practices.

The ongoing 8 DAYS project addresses a need for peer-to-peer choreographic development in Canada, insisting that this mode is crucial to the continued relevance of the art form. Originally instigated in 2012 by Ame Henderson and Tedd Robinson, 8 DAYS IV stems from the desire to continue this artistic exchange. How dance artists work is intimately related to what they create. Theory and practice, talking and making, doing and reflecting, and the systems we do and don’t rely on are understood as interwoven threads of creative development. 8 DAYS is an opportunity to share artistic practices and concerns and to challenge, invigorate and inspire each other. This is an occasion to contextualize oneself within a larger frame. 8 DAYS escapes the pressures of production-driven work. It creates space to reflect on one’s current practice and through rigorous dialogue and experimentation encourages new artistic possibilities.More…

forgotten papers note book

our forgotten papers, or the one that got away

Next Gathering: Sunday July 27th 2014, at 8pm, for Dinner

Three papers, three times of life, three labours of love that got away.


Henderson/Castle: voyager 

presented by Toronto Dance Theatre
Feb 20-March 1 

TDT presents the world premiere of Henderson/Castle: voyager, a new choreographic collaboration with Public Recordings’ Artistic Director, Ame Henderson, acclaimed singer/songwriter Jennifer Castle, Designers Kimberly Purtell and Bojana Stancic and nine wonderful TDT dancers (including regular Public Recordings collaborator Marie Claire Forté), crafting a work that explores continuous movement as a state of being, and the ways in which never stopping affects our bodies and our relationships.

Henderson/Castle: voyager
February 20 – 22 & February 26 – March 1, 8:00PM
February 23, 2:00PM (PWYC)
Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street
$26 General | $20 Student/Senior/CADA
Tickets are available online or by phone 416.967.1365

forgotten papers note bookour forgotten papers, or the one that got away
Three people, three papers, three times of life, three labours of love that got away.
First gathering: Sunday February 2nd at 1pm, for Brunch

  1. We invite three people to share something they have written and left behind: Something poetic, something scholarly, something in the space between.
  2. These forgotten papers are read in the company of 20 people made up of strangers and friends. Efforts and ideas are remembered. Perhaps only in that moment or perhaps in moments to come.
  3. It’s a potluck. So we eat. Red beverages will also be on offer.

RSVP with your name and potluck item:

20 spots only! The first 20 people to respond will have a place reserved.
Menu announced January 31st

West Toronto Moving Company
2832 Dundas Street West




8 DAYS is an intensive encounter open to all Canadian choreographers. The gathering values curiosity, creative risk-taking and reflection with a fluidity around theory and practice in order to deepen choreographic work.

Selected by open call, six Canadian choreographers working in Canada or abroad will be invited to join past participants of the two previous 8 DAYS encounters. The selection committee is comprised of three past participants and a guest. Up to 20 artists will embark on a co-authored adventure influenced by its surroundings, created by those present, and guided by their overlapping and divergent experience. Participants are asked to arrive with an openness about what this encounter might be, a willingness to expose and share, and a rigour around intellectual and artistic exchange.



Public Recordings
a holiday soiree

Please join us on Fri, Dec 6th at Double Double Land as we toast ten years of Public Recordings. Come celebrate the past and help build our future. Bring your friends and loved ones. We can’t wait to see you!

Edible Multiples by Frostitution

Performances by
Prince Nifty
Vanessa Dunn (Vag Halen)
Benjamin Kamino
Erin Brubacher
and more

Friday, Dec 6, 2013, 8PM til late
at Double Double Land in Kensington Market, 209 Augusta, 2nd Floor
$10 suggested donation / $20+ with a tax receipt


HOW TO WORK: A Performance Encyclopaedia returns to The Theatre Centre for the creation of its second edition.

HOW TO WORK is a Public Recordings project by Ame Henderson and Evan Webber with collaborators Shannon Cochrane, Sherri Hay, Malcolm Sutton and Jacob Zimmer.

HOW TO WORK subjects the tasks of writing and research to the rigours of collaborative performance-making. Staged in a public-facing laboratory, the project asks questions about the definitiveness of publication and the meanings of art-making and viewing. It’s a performance in the shape of a book.

HOW TO WORK will be keeping open office hours from October 10-23, Monday to Friday, 10-6. Please join the participants of HOW TO WORK: A Performance Encyclopaedia as we celebrate the 2nd edition at Public Moment #2, Wednesday, October 23 at 7:30pm, at The Theatre Centre Pop-Up, 1095 Queen W. RSVP appreciated:

HOW TO WORK: A Performance Encyclopaedia is supported by The Theatre Centre and by Nightswimming through the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program of the Ontario Arts Council

We made what we are saying. We couldn’t have done it without help from many wonderful people and organizations. Thank you:

Erin Brubacher, Bernard Bilodeau, Kristine Bowen, Pip Bradford, Buddies in Bad Times, Anthony Burnham, Naomi Campbell, Bernard Claret, Stephanie Comilang, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Eric Craven, Lisa Cristinzo, Chris Curreri, Dance4, Karine Denault, Chris Dupuis, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Marie-Hélène Falcon, Claudia Fancello, Elsa Fancello, Festival TransAmériques, Marie Claire Forté, Gallery TPW, Harbourfront World Stage, Kevin Hegge, Lee Henderson, Kate Holden, Johanna Householder, Claudine Hubert, Lucie Juneau, Jed Kilbourn, Jacob Korczynski, Jared MacSween, Liam Maloney, Jeremy McCormick, Gavin & Heidi McDonald, OBORO, Sean O’Neill, Bee Pallomina, Julia Paoli, Liz Peterson, Tina Rasmussen, Lisa Romaldi, Christopher Ross, Paul Russ, Henery Sansom, Trevor Schwellnus, Kim Simon, Matt Smith, Zoja Smutny, Lynanne Sparrow, Tarragon Theatre, Mark Teeple, The Power Plant, John Thomson, Michael Trent, Gaëtane Verna, Mila Volpe, Bryan Webb, Lynne Webb, Evan Webber, Young People’s Theatre, Ömer K. Yükseker, Jacob Zimmer, Paul Zingrone

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Together with our production partner Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage we recently won two Dora awards in the Dance Division for what we are saying (Ensemble & Production). Thank you to our peers and community, our collaborators and production partners. We are truly grateful for the recognition.   

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