Out of Season

This is for you.

Within the system of their working-together, every decision originates as a gift. Returning to the comfortable impossibility of The Most Together We’ve Ever Been, Matija and Ame turn their attention to each other. Out of Season discovers synchronicity as a means to survive love, privilege, the sense of home, the made-up- and the tangible body.

TOURING 2016-17

Created with Paul Chambers, Victoria Cheong, Matija Ferlin, Mauricio Ferlin, Ame Henderson and sandra Henderson

Produced by Public Recordings and Matija Ferlin. Co-produced by Zagreb Dance Centre and the National Arts Centre (Ottawa)

Past presentations: Istrian National Theatre, Pula, Croatia, Sept 18-19, 2015; Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, Sept 23, 2015; Zagreb Dance Centre, Sept 24-25, 2015; Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa, June 9, 2015