performance encyclopaedia


The considered collapse of publication and performance creates a show in the shape of a book. 

Every iteration of the performance encyclopaedia is an entirely new and revealing group effort in which a cast of writers produce an encyclopaedia on the subject of making and witnessing, readable only in the highly contingent and social conditions of performance.  

For the brief time it remains in circulation, performance encyclopaedia stages a present moment where reading is a convivial act and writing produces knowledge as temporal and collective experience.   

Created by Ame Henderson and Evan Webber with Shannon Cochrane, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Sherri Hay, Erin Shields, Malcolm Sutton and Jacob Zimmer. Supported by the Theatre Centre, Nightswimming, Guernica Editions, Volcano Theatre

Past iterations: Art Gallery of Ontario; The Theatre Centre; Art Gallery of York University; Toronto Dance Community Summer Love-In; Art Gallery of Ontario; Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting – Yokohama

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