what we are saying

An intimate and expansive composition of sound and movement, what we are saying is a performance that presents the conditions of bare utterance.

In an open space filled with chairs, a group of seven performers start a conversation. They begin by listening. Representing nothing but themselves, their words and actions gradually approach a unison where every decision is a group decision but no one knows what’s going to happen next.

For the performers, uncertainty is both the figure and the ground of their pursuit–to express how things are and how they want them to be different. Asking seriously whether being together is possible, what we are saying illuminates the radical possibility of a leaderless togetherness.

Concept and Instigation: Ame Henderson. Created in collaboration with: Frank Cox-O’Connell, Katie Ewald, Mairéad Filgate, Sherri Hay, sandra Henderson, Brendan Jensen, Benjamin Kamino, Alexander McSween, Liz Peterson, Bojana Stancic and Stephen Thompson. Performers: Frank Cox-O’Connell, Ishan Davé, Katie Ewald, Peter Fernandes, Mairéad Filgate, Sherri Hay, Ame Henderson, Brendan Jensen, Liz Peterson, Bojana Stancic, Stephen Thompson and Evan Webber. Scenography: Sherri Hay and Bojana Stancic. Sound Design: Alexander MacSween. Production Management and Rehearsal Direction: sandra Henderson. Lighting Concept: Kim Purtell. Technical Implementation: Nick Rose

Produced by Public Recordings. Co-produced by Dance4 (Nottingham), Festival TransAmériques (Montreal) and Harbourfront Centre World Stage in association with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Toronto), Developed in residencies at Dance4, OBORO (Montreal) and Gallery TPW (Toronto).

Past presentations: Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage/The Power Plant; Festival TransAmériques, Montreal; Vooruit, Ghent, BE; NEAT Festival/Dance4/Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK; High Performance Rodeo, Calgary; White Water Gallery, North Bay; Former First Spiritualist Church, London; Kazoo!Fest, Guelph; Modern Fuel, Kingston; Ottawa Dance Directive, Ottawa

what we are saying features a flexible cast of contributing artists and inserts itself into unconventional performance contexts.